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The incredible Lyman LOM Series is now available for order! The LOM-600EA, along with LOM-Mini, LD-600EA, and L000-600EA, is ready to find their forever home. These guitars will feature a discreet transacoustic pickup system that will allow players to turn any room to a concert hall. These guitars are catered to you and your playing style. Whether you want a full sound with the dreadnought style body or a rich and light sound with our mini body, these guitars are nothing short of tonal integrity.

Check out this video below to hear the transacoustic in action!

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Updated: 3 days ago

This guitar is dynamic, versatile, and rich. The solid spruce top and mahogany body is perfect for the enthusiastic player. Lyman's newcomer, the LOM-600 is an orchestra model in our newest release yet. The LOM-600 along with its siblings LD-600, LOM-Mini and L000-600 are a part of Lyman Guitar's release in solid body transacoustic guitars.


A transacoustic guitar is an acoustic-electric that has a built in pickup with studio and concert quality effects. Reverb and chorus with no need to plug in. This pickup is able to charge like a phone and resonate like a cathedral.

This guitar will be listed for $499 without a pickup and $599 with the transacoustic. This is a release you do NOT want to miss out on! Here is a quick preview of the LOM-600 without a pickup.

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If the color didn't catch your eye, check out this awesome review of Jesse and the Lyman LSG-400 in Cosmic Burst! He demos in two different styles and also reviews the specs of this guitar. Check it out!

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