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Jacob Collins and his LS-200

Everyone say "hi" to our friend Jacob Collins.

He came into our store with a 2019 Fender Strat and 2018 Epiphone Les Paul with the intentions of trading it in for a Lyman that met his needs.

So what did he ask for?

And what did it look like?

Why did Jacob choose Lyman?

"I chose a Lyman over those other two guitars I guess it boils down to one big thing: the fact that Lyman guitar is local. I really love that I can support a phenomenal local business while pursuing something I'm passionate about. The build quality is out of this world, the entirety of the staff at Lyman are all super cool and friendly, and I know that if anything ever needs to be fixed or I want to come in for changes and upgrades that I can without worrying or headaches of other big box stores. I think for me, it's all about supporting a business that's growing and that I fully believe in. And that's not even getting into how cool the guitars look, how well they play, or how awesome they sound (especially paired with the amps and effects that y'all make). I'm really looking forward to seeing where Lyman goes and I really want to make sure I'm a part of it somehow. Probably by buying another guitar."

With Lyman Guitar, we want you to be able to have a piece of hometown growth in your hands. What we craft, assemble, and offer, we want you to be proud of as well. Lyman is named after a town to remind us and our Lyman family that this is where we grew. Our products are rooted in the soils that started our love for guitars, music, and community.

Want to start your own import custom? Email us at and we'll make it happen! Have you checked out our import custom ART SERIES? Check this page out to see if the an Art Series custom is for you.

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