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The brand new Lyman Peachoid Fuzz is an extremely versatile silicone fuzz . The Peachoid will acheive your traditional "splatty" fuzz tones, but it will do so much more than that. Possibly our most dynamic pedal, you can dial in a myriad of tones from clean with a mild gain to smooth and organic sounding overdrive. The Treble control avoids you getting lost in a mix, giving you plenty of treble if you need it. Feeling frisky? Pair the Peachoid with the Dirty Myrtle Distortion for ultimate tonal versatility. You're welcome. 

Lyman Peachoid Fuzz

    • Silicone Fuzz 
    • Organic Sounding Overdrive & Fuzz
    • Volume, Gain, and Treble Controls
    • Standard 9VDC Negative Center Power Connection
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in Lyman, SC USA

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