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Have you noticed that holiday music starts playing the day after Thanksgiving? That is our cue to curate a gift guide dedicated to musicians. These brands and products are local to North Carolina & South Carolina and we can't wait to share our favorite neighboring partners with you.


Alright, we're excited about this one, NGL (not gonna lie). Meet WAVS Customs, a custom IEM company located in Greenville, SC. Did you know you no longer have to make trips to the audiologist? With the WAVS app, you can scan your ears and have them custom to fit you! Along with the fit, these IEMs have the coolest designs

We're not done, these are under $250!! We honestly do not recommend anyone else in the market.

Check them out here:

DUMMIEZ - 1/4" Plugs

Do you ever look at something and realize, "Wow, I didn't think I needed that. Let me buy everything now". Well, Dummiez is one of those things.

Let's meet Dummiez. Located in Greenville, SC as well, these handmade plugs are designed to protect your gear from corrosion when not in use. These rubber plugs are pretty awesome and can protect any of your jacks from water, dust, rust, and much more.

Choose from their various designs - these are under $20 packets of 24!

Check them out here -


Uke Galleria is our sister store inside Haywood Mall of Greenville, SC. They sell an amazing variety of ukuleles even guitarleles.

Want to take an extra step towards making that holiday gift extra special? Uke Galleria provides laser engraving starting at $50. Did we mention that they carry our Lyman Jr. line as well?

Go visit them at 700 Haywood Rd, Greenville, SC and


Alright, this one's a no brainer. Our friend Westminster Effects is a theological themed effects and pedal line based in Lyman, South Carolina (our neighbor). This brand celebrates church history through unique pedals. You've probably heard of the famous "Osteen Distortion" and "Chick-Del-A" quite honestly.

If you're looking for an incredibly unique pedal line, I wouldn't do a double take on Westminster Effects. From Essential pedals to effects, you probably will find something you cannot live without here.

Check Westminster Effects out here:

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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

With all of the trade shows cancelling, our eagerness and anticipation to attend all of these shows came at a halt. We brainstormed with our good pal Westminster Effects and decided to start our own trade show here in Lyman, SC.

This is the SEMM show. SEMM (Southeast Music Manufacturers) is the newest trade show curated by Westminster Effects and Lyman Guitar. We want to bring you the latest in music. Whether you are a luthier, builder, artist, inventor, or more, we encourage you to be a vendor at this show or attend!

This trade show is set to begin on February 4th and end on February 5th 2022. The public is able attend for $10 per day. Collectively as a community, we want to showcase and honor the small guys.

Do you know anyone who would like to be a vendor? Send them this post and direct them HERE.

We can't wait to see all of your faces. This will be so much fun.

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Hellllllooooo Atlanta!

Lyman Guitar is at Big House Guitars in Atlanta, GA!

We are super excited to have Big House a part of the Lyman Guitar family. This is such an amazing opportunity for the both of us and we are extremely grateful for the chance to be in Atlanta.

Let's talk about Big House, shall we?

This really special store in Atlanta is an amazing brick-and-mortar with one of the largest collections of vintage Gibsons (seriously). Along with the laidback atmosphere, they have an incredible team of people who are able to assist in everything guitar and music. Did we mention that they have some rare and pristine Gibsons in their store?

We are super excited about our future with Big House and we think you should spend all of your money in there, just saying.

2323 Cheshire Hwy Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

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