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The Art Series - Where Creativity Blooms

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Looks like you're curious about our new Lyman Guitar collection...

This is The Art Series - a collection of hand-stained guitars by our luthier Art Tantiyawarong and wherever his creativity takes him. We guess you can call these "Custom Shop's Little Sister". In this series, only one of each color will be available for grabs. While Art experiments, we get to share his artwork with you.

The best part about imagination? Never knowing what you are going to end up with. It is the ability to create as abstract as you want, colorful as you want, and detailed as you want.

"Imagination draws on our experiences and knowledge of the world around us and combines them with the complete unknown to make something new. It allows us to explore beyond the constraints of our environment and our reality, into a world of dreams, where creativity and invention are at their strongest."

Take a look at our very first ART-01. A rustic take with a pop of color. We're calling this one "Painted Teal". A washed and distressed teal shade with sides a classic dark stain. When you see this guitar, what does it remind you of?

As mentioned earlier, Art's imagination is purely a surprise and each guitar will have its own unique personality. There will be no duplicated colors, each guitar is a limited edition in its own way.

We are super excited to see what Art comes up with next. Trust us, it's a surprise for us too. All guitars in this series will be $399.

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