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DEALER SPOTLIGHT: Cumberland Guitars (Kentucky)

We are doing a new feature here on Lyman Guitar - a DEALER SPOTLIGHT. Here we highlight some of our biggest supporters and showcase their store and business! Let's start off with Cumberland Guitars in Kentucky.

Mark Blasko has been in the guitar game since the age of 7. By high school, he quickly realized that everything and anything about guitars were going to be his life's work. He has performed in multiple bands and ensembles throughout his younger years and by the age of 18, he became manager of a vintage guitar shop. Adding credibility to his name, Blasko has held many notable positions involving guitar including sales, repair, teaching, and luthiership. His expertise does not stop there. Mark managed Guitar Center's Vintage and Platinum Atlanta office for several years before becoming a product specialist for Gibson Brands and later, Fender. If there is anyone you should trust on knowledge within the guitar world, Mark is your guy.

So, how did Lyman Guitar meet Cumberland Guitars?

We have known Mark Blasko while our founders were still authorized dealers for Gibson and Fender - he was our rep! At this time, Lyman Guitar was established and once Mark opened his own store, we aligned forces and sent our guitars to Kentucky! Since then, he has been Lyman Guitar's biggest supporter and our 2021 DEALER OF THE YEAR! We have always taken his critiques into consideration, his opinions, and suggestions when it came to Lyman Guitar. The relationship we have built with Cumberland Guitars and Mark Blasko has been and will be the definition of partnership.

His store is located at 318 Monument Square, Jamestown, KY 42629. Visit Mark

for any of your guitar needs or concerns, we

promise he is who you want to go to!

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1 opmerking

02 jun. 2021

Mark Blasko is awesome!

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