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Lyman LS-150 S-Style Guitar

Lyman LS-150 S-Style Guitar

The most versatile Lyman Guitar yet! Now available in your choice of either Maple or Rosewood fretboards and eight gorgeous finishes.

The Process


The Lyman LS-150 isn't just another mass produced import guitar- each one goes through a specialized process at our Custom Shop in Lyman, SC. Our process is designed to make our guitars the highest quality at the lowest price possible!

Our necks are finished in the USA. We cut our headstock shape, condition and treat the wood, and apply our specially formulated lacquer to give our necks a smooth, worn-in feel that will hold up over time. All of our necks also go through a complete fret job which includes leveling, crowning, rolling, and polishing. All to give you the smoothest playing guitar possible!

It doesn't stop there- our logo and serial

numbers are all laser engraved one by one

to give each guitar that extra touch!

Each guitar is setup to perfection by our Custom Shop team. We go through each guitar individually, addressing any issues or imperfections that may arise. Everything from the action to the pickup height is set to ensure each guitar leaves our shop ready to plug in and play!


Here's the final product! Listen to a short sound clip of the LS-150.

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