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The Significance and Beauty of Flamed Maple and Lyman Guitar Necks

Out of the entire guitar, our most important feature that we focus on the most during production are the necks. They dictate the playability, comfort, and define your sound.

Lyman Guitar has a secret formula to how we sand and treat our necks. (Of course, we won't be able to share that ;) ) Every once in a while, we come across the most beautiful flamed maple necks and are super excited the share the beauty with you!

Flamed maple is found in a small percentage of maple trees and the more signature and distinct pieces come from under 1% of maple trees. Flamed maple is not the actual grain of the wood but is done by a phenomenon known as chatoyancy, or cat eye effect. This particular effect runs perpendicular to the actual grain. One cause of chatoyancy is the tree undergoing stress as it grows causing the grain to curl back on itself. As maple lovers, we take full advantage of this beautiful phenomenon by adding a variety of treatments to the neck. We want to be as true to the wood as possible without the use of heavy glosses or lacquers. Lyman Guitar should feel natural to you.

Are you lucky enough to have a piece of flamed maple on your Lyman Guitar?

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